New NCLSN blog

Over the coming days I’ll be uploading the first posts to the NCLSN blog.

It’s proved increasingly difficult in recent years to firstly find, and secondly find the time to format four A4 pages of news every quarter as per the ‘traditional’ newsletter format started by Professor Norman Gates in 1973.  You can see recent archives here.

While it’s sad, of course, to move formats, this change should ensure that the Newsletter continues well into the future.

My hopes, then, in rebooting the Newsletter as a blog are that regular posts will allow others to contribute directly, keep Aldington in view and, perhaps, stimulate further interest in this underrated and underanalysed author.

Working on WordPress is, I find, just as intuitive as using any modern word processor. If you’d like to be added to the blog as a contributor, please e-mail me: afrayn [dot] ac [at] gmail [dot] com.

Andrew Frayn