Richard Aldington and Edward Marsh

Correspondent Michael Copp writes to note the following reference to RA in Christopher Hassall’s Edward Marsh: A Biography (Longman, 1959).  This message was sent in April 1932 via Derek Patmore, the son of Brigit Patmore:

‘Do give Richard my love, also, if you think fit, a modest request that he won’t slog quite so hard and, I think, indiscriminately at his rotters. To be really disgusted with them it is essential one should believe in their existence, which one can’t do if he plasters them with incompatible defects.’ (p. 575)
The contrast in viewpoint between Aldington’s belief that the horrors of the First World War couldn’t be exaggerated, and Marsh’s measured, establishment viewpoint is palpable.
Brigit Patmore’s memoir My Friends When Young (Heinemann, 1968) has an intro by Derek Patmore; both discuss RA engagingly.

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