Please contribute to NCLSN!

A quick reminder that contributions to the NCLSN are always welcome.  Are you working on Aldington?  I’m happy to publicise your research.  Are you working on someone in Aldington’s vast network of literary contacts?  I’d like to hear from you, too.

I’m interested in hearing from both academic and non-academic Aldingtonians.  If you just want to talk about your enthusiasm, that’d be great.  Do you have a favourite bit of Aldington that you’d like to highlight? What’s your connection to Aldington and why is he important to you?  Is there a story, poem, or novel that you think is unjustly neglected and you’d like to say something about why? Do you have a rare edition, or think you’ve uncovered something previously unknown? If you can write a bit about it, that would be great!

I would be really glad to receive contributions from members, readers and followers.  I’m keen to widen the spread of contributors, and believe that the blog offers a great way to do so.  I can either add you to the blog as an author, or you can e-mail me your piece to afrayn [dot] ac [at]

Andrew Frayn


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